Readymade Websites

A little bit about readymade websites

Many people use a template to make their site. When selecting a template make sure that it has enough sidebars and content areas to suit what you are doing with it. Some of our templates have four or five different pages for different types of data. One page can work fine for articles but not so well for for other content. Be sure the template that you like suits the purposes of your chosen type of data

Our Templates can be used in any way you like. For the most basic sites where you just need a web presence, a home page along with a contact page may be sufficient. You may want to tell your customers a little bit about yourself so add an About us page, perhaps you have a product you wish to sell? consider another page dedicated to Sales the possibilities are endless

We will use your chosen template and customise it to your own specific requirements, from one page to a hundred pages no project is to large or small at Blade web design

Please take a moment to look at our further range of Templates for your new website, your website is a very personal matter and individual preferences vary hugely from client to client perhaps you may wish to consider some of our addons to enhance your site. In addition we will source you a domain name and web hosting for your new site

Why not choose from one of our ready made website templates?

They are a fast and affordable way of developing your new website. All of our website templates feature high quality designs which are personalised with your own text and graphics. Website templates are ready-made web designs created for you to use as a basis for fast and high-quality website.

In todays digital age, its hard to ignore the influence internet has on marketing and business processes. Consumers prefer to go online to find out information about local businesses rather than picking up the phone, or driving around looking for the right place. Any business that does not have a well-designed, functional website risks losing tons of potential customers. So,to get success in business you will have to be a owner of a good,attractive website. Always keep in mind that, Your web site is your identity.

Once you have chosen the template, we will tailor and customise the chosen website template to your requirements adding your own personal text and images to the website. All you have to do is tell us how you want it done, and we do it for you!

Don't compromise the desired vision and message of your site in exchange for a graphic design that you like. If you really like a template and it doesn't fit your data consider our bespoke designs Instead where our web designers will modify it for you to give your business that extra edge in todays market. At Blade web designs we don't use site templates or designs which squeeze content into areas where it does not fit, consider breaking lengthy articles up and continue them on another page or section of the site. Long flowing pages which cause a lot of scrolling are not so good. instead we recommend using a "read more button" and perhaps link it to another page, with nice margins that space out the data nicely so that it is coherant and presentable.

We wil not use old templates that produce a depricated style of HTML that made web pages heavy and bloated instead we use the latest version of XHTML combined with Cascading Style Sheets that allow for the styling of an entire page by attaching a style sheet. The use of style sheets replaced the need for the repeated use of font tags. This makes the changing of background colors, or font sizes possible throughout the site in an instant.

We try to avoid using Flash to build your website. Flash is a technology produced by Macromedia Corporation. Flash uses nice looking graphics, sound and animation. Our websites are built to the latest standards using XHTML coding and CSS style sheets, we try to avoid heavily animated flash sites because they don't show up so well with the Search Engines. In a Flash site a Shockwave file contains all of your data. The articles and content that you add are visible to people browsing the site but not to search engines. The search engine sees the Flash as an object. Thus there is nothing for the search engine to use to rank your site with. It is acceptable to use Flash to make great animation in small areas of your site. A small Flash object in the sidebar will not hurt anything. An entire site made from Flash will not work so well for you if it is necessary to have good ranking on Google all primary search engines.