Website Management Services

Website Management Services

Some common website management requirements may be

Updating images or Text changes to opening hours or telephone numbers etc.
You provide us with the text and images and we will add it to your website to save you the hassle. We will even spell check and format your text and optimise your images to make sure that they are suitable for the web

Adding data We can add new products, including their page text, images and important meta data for search engine optimisation

Adding social media links By linking the content of your website to your facebook linkedin or twitter account you can increase site visibility and visitor numbers Removing outdated content Nothing is more annoying than finding a service or product on the internet that is out of date or no longer available, it is advisable to remove outdated content as soon as possible

Blade Web Design are confident that our management service is second to none. We can handle all of it for you. Please contact us with your management requirements and we will be happy to propose an option to suit your needs.

So now you have your new website design and will need someone to manage all the data, images and files that make up your complete website.

The time will come when you may need to add a new page, edit an existing page or remove some content, either way our team can respond quickly to your requests.By opting in for a monthly management fee you can be assured that your website will receive the promptest attention. From as little as 15.00 Euro per month for a basic two page website we can take care of any modifications for you

The time will come when you will need someone to add a new page or photo gallery, perhaps some new data or images.

Minimise the cost of adding additional pages to your website, with our monthly management service we will only charge the basic bespoke or templated price for the new page but update and format your new content within the monthly fee If you feel your website is going to remain static with very few alterations on a yearly basis, rather than taking a website management contract we can work on a very simple ad hoc basis so if you need something doing today and we havent spoken before dont worry we can quote you over the phone and get started ASAP

Our design team will give you an estimated time for completion (depending upon our schedule) and will give you a list of the elements we need from you. Our price for any ad hoc amends is currently 60 per hour simple as that. You tell us what you need changing and we will give you the number of hours required to complete the job. As an alternative to our full website management service we can also offer content managed websites that allow you or your IT department to do this work yourself instead, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and we can cost both options for you to find the best management solution for your business

For most of our clients this service will work out more cost effective than paying for one off alterations on an as required basis. Please do ask about our website management service when you order a new site or update your existing site, we will be happy to give you an exact quotation depending on the size of your website and the expected frequency of content change

Please contact us with your queries