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Coronavirus or COVID-19 has the world in its grip. Understandably right now there is a fear amongst business owners and whilst it is true many companies will close (hopefully for most just temporarily) this crisis will pass, and things will eventually return to normal.

What you as a business owner does over the coming weeks will likely define your success over the next 12 months and beyond. Of course, business owners are looking at their finances, and there is an understandable desire to cut any and all expenses that they can. However, your marketing spend where at all possible should not be one of them. That approach can often result in a catastrophic outcome.

A cut in marketing activity is a short-term fix that is bound to have long term consequences and can end up costing companies much more in the long run. When a company reduces its marketing, it leads to a reduction in the brand’s exposure. When a brand’s exposure is reduced, so is its revenue. This, in turn, can force a company to reduce its marketing spend even more. This is a negative spiral that all businesses must try to avoid.

Under the Government’s National Digital Strategy, the expanded Trading Online Voucher Scheme helps small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets.

There is up to €2,500 available through the Local Enterprise Offices with co-funding of just 10% from the business

Maintaining visibility in your market is essential for long term profitability, so any strategies that promote interaction with your target audience, strengthen the brand image and have high sales potential should not be discarded.

Companies need to continue to advertise and market their businesses. When all of this passes, and it will, the ones who have persevered with marketing their products and services will profit considerably. In this challenging scenario, investing in digital marketing presents itself as one of the better and safer options available, and the one most likely to provide positive returns. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were around 4.45 billion active Internet users worldwide, and the level of internet usage during this crisis is reportedly increasing. The businesses that continue to promote themselves online will, therefore, reach a larger audience Today, in this globalised and highly connected world, the best way for a brand to be visible and increase its visibility is through digital channels.

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